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Hartmann Müller-Stiftung


The following applicants are entitled to submit applications for funding:

a) the members of the Faculty of Medicine Zurich,
b) the assistant professors of the Faculty of Medicine Zurich,
c) the private lecturers (Privatdozenten) of the Faculty of Medicine Zurich,
d) Senior physicians, senior assistants and assistants of institutes and clinics affiliated to the faculty.

-> Applications from faculty members, assistant professors and private lecturers (PDs) are submitted directly to the Foundation Board.

-> Applications of senior physicians, senior assistants and assistants must be reviewed and supported by the head of the department or institute or by a private lecturer  (letter of support required – please upload together with the application).

The length of the submitted research plan must not exceed 2 pages.
Applications not fulfilling the formal criteria will be rejected without further review (can be resubmitted after completion). This also applies to applications that lack the necessary approval from the ethics committee or the animal welfare authority.


The deadlines for applications are February 1st, June 1st and October 1st. Applications must be submitted through the Hartmann Müller-Stiftung Online Tool:, using your ‘UZH Shortname’ username and ‘WebPass’ password to log in. 

Applications for travel grants need to be submitted before the congress or at the latest at the first meeting after the congress.

Funding decision will be communicated within two months of the application deadlines.

The average success rate of research grant applications submitted to the Hartmann Müller Foundation in the years 2021-2023 is about 10%.